Oooo, look, I've put up an updates page. Instead of clicking through every page to see if I have changed anything, you can just check this one and see what has been changed, and what I'm planning on putting up.


-Check out Info/Places of Interest. I actually put info on attractions and transportation up...well, links at least.

I'm working on a page with names and email addresses of people planning on attending so people can network and stuff. It was Nui and Mel's suggestion. Should be up in a few.
I'm also gonna put up info on Motels, Hostels, and Christie's Couch (free accommodation). Just bare with me.


  • Added info to the accommodation page
  • Added an updates page
  • Working on a page for the one or two people who've requested info on various attractions/places in San Diego. See Info/Places of Interest.
Uhh, that's it for now