If you are looking at this very page right now, as in reading this text, you must have heard somewhere from someone about "the gathering" to take place in San Diego during the summer of 2001. Nope, its not a myth, and yeah, San Diego may not exist after this thing goes down. ;) This isn't a typical X-Phile, or XPA gathering either. It actually combines two different groups involved in two different mailing lists oriented towards two different things.

This gathering isn't geared entirely towards X-Philes, nor is it geared entirely towards non X-Philes. I realize the majority of people who may be attending will be a fan of the show of some varying degree, but since I expect a few who don't even watch the show to attend I feel it would be unfair to organize events purely for X-Philes. Instead, I want to try and organize things so it focuses more on the comraderie that has become core to on-line communities, and the good discussion generated by articulate people of varying backgrounds and disciplines. Basically, let's party our asses off!! ;) Its an anything goes gathering, come for the food, the people, the discussion, whatever you want, just come! ;) Bring the family if you want to, the more the merrier.

So click on some of the links above to find out more information. Please note however, that its still early and not all information will be complete and accurate as of now, but that will change as the date draws closer. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions email me.

- Satan