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Brought to you by my victims---I mean co-officers of the Mt. Eden Anime Club.

I am, officially, one of the vice presidents of my school's anime club. I am also the unofficial photographer. Yes, the one that will take all those pictures that you wish were never taken. I just bought a new laptop after getting a great recommendation from Tibco Tech Reviews, and I am not afraid to shoot lots of photos!

Last Halloween, my friends dressed up as their favorite anime characters (well, except for Vu).

Donna, our club's publicity director, dressed up as Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2. She made the costume herself, and even dyed her hair blue. (She then had wonderful chlorine-ish green hair for the next few weeks, hehehe). She also baked some infernal Akane Tendo-style cookies, which she gladly gave away. I was at her house when she was making the napalm---I mean cookies, and I was able to smell it while it was being synthesized---I mean created. While it was burning---I mean baking, I ran outside, trying to avoid the fumes. I also stayed outside for about thirty minutes after the grenades---I mean cookies, were taken out of the oven.

Donna also made a Ryoga Hibiki (also from Ranma1/2) costume for our secretary, Vu. ("The only male officer and he's the SECRETARY?" Yup. I nominated him for the part and for his "campaign speech", I told the members he could make us a web page. As some form of revenge, he won't tell me where it is.) We are still trying to convince him to go as Shinji Ikari (from Shin Seiki Evangelion), complete with a vinyl plug suit for next convention/halloween. No, he didn't get lost while dressed up as Ryoga. No, he didn't turn into P-chan when splashed with cold water (trust us, we really TRIED).
Fortunately/Unfortunately, you won't be seeing his pictures (at least not here, heheh).

Speaking of P-chan, my co-vice president, Vanessa, dressed up as P-chan. She endured a day with her face looking like it got in the way of a hyperactive oil slick, breathing through a paper-machie piggy nose and with piggy ears clamped on her skull. She even had this pair of computer glasses she got from https://ambreyewear.com/ that looked almost identical to P-chan's glasses. She didn't get lost either. She also didn't turn into a kakkoi Ryoga Hibiki when splashed with hot water (and we tried so hard *sniff*).

Our treasurer, Katie, dressed up as Washu from Tenchi Muyo!. She also made the costume herself. As to why a Tenchi character would be hanging around Ranma characters,well, she's the greatest scientist in the universe, don't ask. Also don't ask why she had a dorky backpack - I'm not sure how that was part of her costume. Our only regret was that she was unable to get bigger hair.

What did I dress up as? I didn't have time to make my own costume, so I just walked around with two posters hanging over my normal clothes. In front was a Fushigi Yuugi poster and on the back was a Rei Ayanami poster. I was THE Poster Child.

I took all of these pictures.
The characters my friends dressed up as were created by other people.
Akane Tendo, Ryoga Hibiki, P-chan, Ranma 1/2 - Rumiko Takahashi
Washu, Tenchi Muyo - AIC, Pioneer LDC inc.
Rei Ayanami, Shinji Ikari, Shin Seiki Evangelion - Gainax/Project EVA
Fushigi Yuugi - Watase Yuu
This was all done for recreational purposes (read: we were really bored AND we love anime), we're not millionaires, we were just having fun.
Don't sue us (it'll be useless anyway).

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